Melanistic Red Line Baby


“Big Red” Dominant Mel Carrier Red x “Jacob” Paraguayan Red.
Tegus are visual dark pigment and very unique with orange bellies.
Worlds First, first time ever produced in captivity from red to red. Female carries dominant gene as she has produced same mel babies when paired to Ice male.
Very unique cross of our very own genetics.
Babies are born almost black with pattern, grow lighter, and will darken up again with age if it is the same outcome as when bred with Ice.
Hatch Date 7/6/21.
Eating egg, ground turkey mix, and crickets dusted with Repashy Calcium Plus.
Captive Bred from Selectively Chosen Parents here at Tropical Reptiles.
Babies are born red, orange, and golden yellow, peach, pink, and develop their color with age.
Pricing includes overnight delivery in an insulated box.
Please specify in notes desired sex. Sex is not guaranteed at this size on babies.
Guaranteed live arrival to nearest Fed Ex Hub.
No FL, SC, AL Sales.

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